Remove All sharing for a OD4B leaver

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We are looking to increase the retention days for a leavers OD4B, what we are looking for though is once the users account has been deleted and the user profile job kicks off, something which will stop all of the files in the leavers OD4B from being shared both internally and externally. Ideally for this process to be automated for each leaver. This way if there is an important file in a users OD4B which is being shared with some users it will not be deleted as we have longer than the default retention days but when a user logs a ticket to advise they no longer can access the file we can first advise the file needs to be moved to a group and then secondly move it to a different location so not data is lost. 

Has anyone done this or know of anyway over removing all sharing for a leavers OD4B? 



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Are you using Cloud App Security? if so you may be able to use that by modifying the approach descrbed in this article


Instead of using the Information Protection label to block the sharing, you could you the account status.


If you are not using CAS, you may be able to use Advanced Security Management, but I have not investigated the feasibility of using ASM.


Thanks Dean, I will take look at this, much appreciated.