Redirect One Drive location to a Sharepoint Location or Prompt Message

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We are gradually moving from One Drive to Sharepoint. each One drive location is copied to Sharepoint, One Drive is then changed to Read only and the Sharepoint location because active. I do however want to help the users by adding a redirect or some sort of message regarding the new location but I feel that the possibilities are very limited in One Drive

Any idea?


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Disabling users' OneDrive accounts seems like a very bad idea.
Copying files (rather than moving) within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem has the generally undesirable effect of eliminating their version histories.

Teaching users how to use the search box in their Office dashboard is the better course as it gives them the skill to find any files that have been relocated or renamed
I am not disabling their personal one drives but the organizational structure in One drive which is now in Sharepoint. anyway, still looking for an idea if anyone can offer one- to display a redirect message/pop up
also, I still need the old locations to be read only since there are many defects in our issue tracking system linking to them
"the organizational structure in One drive which is now in Sharepoint." needs to be explained as we can't see what non-standard customisations you've performed.

I doubt any pop-ups are going to be possible as cloud storage is accessed via many browser and operating system platforms