Red Cross on one single file every morning and after restart

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I have a customer which have a lot of files in SharePoint Online and syncing those files to every computer using OneDrive client. On one particular Excel-file, which is the most important file and where it's about 4-5 users working simultaneously on those we´re experience some issues:


1. Every morning when they comes to office they have a Red Cross on the file within OneDrive which causes some concern around the staff if some information is missing - Which it's not!

2. If they restart their computers they get the Red Cross as well


During the day they can work with the file and don't experience any issues and changes are synchronized to every member of the file and they can co-author the file as well. On the evening they can see all changes in Excel online which they've done during the day and shut down the computer but on the next morning they got the Red Cross anyway.


What we noticed is that the synchronization on the OneDrive client take a really long time which I've not experienced before and they might shut down the computer before the synchronization is complete when it comes to the OneDrive client but the information has been synced to the cloud and they can see the changes in Excel online on that particular file.


Have anyone else experienced this type of behavior before?

We tried:

1. Updated Office

2. Updated OneDrive

3. Updated Windows

4. Opened a case towards Microsoft, which honestly don't have much to say more than "It should work and it´s strange you receive a Red Cross on the file".

5. Work with the file from Microsoft Teams - Which are working fine but still receiving the Red Cross on the file through OneDrive sync client!


We´re now trying:

Inactivating Cisco FirePower and Antivirus/WebProtect filter


Anything else we could try?

Appreciate anything that could help!



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