Recovering the missing files in OneDrive's Personal Vault's sub-folders

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Except for 3 files, all the files in sub-folders in my OneDrive's Personal Vault have gone missing.


Each folder says "This folder is empty".


I didn't do anything to my Personal Vault and even my Username and Password and two-step authentication remain unchanged.


Can someone help me to recover the valuable personal files that I have saved in my Personal Vault for privacy and security?


Thank you,


Panduka Sumanasena


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I have the same problem. All my files are gone missing inside ad outside my personal vault. I can only see the folder structure.


I had a similar problem. All the folders remain, but they are empty; except one. Only 3 files remain there.

This is very unfair.

Firstly, One Drive should have blocked us from saving exceeded number of files in the Personal Vault.

Secondly, One Drive should have notified us before deleting our important files; that could have to remove them save them elsewhere.

I still hope One Drive would help us to recover our valuable files; which were deleted without notice.