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The account I have been for over a decade has missing photos. They are not in the recycle bin and I have not found any other way to search for them. Is there a way to recover my missing photos?

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How long have they been missing?

Are you a site collection admin on your tenant?

Did you check the second stage recycle bin?

Did you try to do a search on your site?

Did you try to use Content Search in the admin center?


A lot of questions need to be answered for a good reply. Too many details are left out in the photos.

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If we're talking purely OneDrive for Business without any third-party recovery solution in place, unfortunately, if the photos were deleted more than 3 months then they are gone.


The only three things I can think of to try is the following:


1. (You may have already tried this) In OneDrive online (or via File Explorer), do a search and see if anything pops up?




2. If you have an older (disused) device that was connected to your account, you could try to sign into it (make sure your internet is disabled) and see if the files are still in File Explorer. Don't let it sync or the files will be deleted.


3. Think back as to whether you've saved the images into SharePoint or another location. This may be your saving grace if you have.


Good luck!




It is actually a personal OneDrive account. I have looked in the recycle bin, i have tried to do a search through the One Drive and Outlook. But nolick finding anything. I am currently using an Android tablet to do this. Would a computer bring more results?

iI will try those options you mentioned, but i want to know that i am trying everything. Thank you!@Damien Rosario 

HiI @bug1004 


I'd say in your situation whether it's OneDrive or OneDrive for Business (you posted in the OneDrive for Business forum), you might be out of luck though it doesn't hurt to explore the options as you've said.


One last idea, sometimes we may accidently move folders into other folders (e.g. accidental drag and drop, brushing up against the keyboard, etc). Check your folders to see if perhaps it did slip into another folder (I do note you're saying you don't see it when searching so this is a long shot)?


I really do hope it works out well for you.


Good luck pal.