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I am currently using the ODFB preview client 17.3.6743.1212 to sync a single group and a single SharePoint online document library.  The Office 365 group library is working as expected but all the documents stored in the SharePoint library have a green padlock.  When I open any of the documents, I am informed that this is an offline copy and the document is read only.

Has anybody else experienced the same behaviour?  I assume if I deleted and re-synced it might solve the problem, but that’s not a viable solution after the sync tool has been deployed to many users.


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The answer is here. It has been working for me for quite a while. The only addition is that you have to change the value in both of the areas if regedit in my screen shot. Go back to Groove.exe.



You really have to search if you want to fix their great new features.


Not to mention, this method doesn't ever work, you also have to set SPOTeamSiteRestrictions to 0 as well. Now I was FINALLY able to sync using the old client.



Thanks. This work for me.

Site Settings -> Site Libraries and Lists -> Customize "Documents" -> Versioning settings

In Require Check Out 
Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited?
Select: NO and Save. Immediately, the notification area display a message "Now, you can edit XXX library documents"


This great.

Can you please clarify where you navigate to Site Configuration?  In SharePoint Online if I select the settings cog I only see Site Settings (not Site Configuration) and don't have the same subsequent options you mention.

Hi @Skye Forster 

Site Settings -> Site Libraries and Lists -> Customize "Documents" -> Versioning settings

In Require Check Out 
Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited?
Select: NO




Good luck 

This didn't work for me, it immediately turned a Sharepoint library into read only via sync

In my case this was the solution:

In SharePoint library settings 'Advanced settings'

Set 'Allow Management of Contenttypes' to 'no'.

Now the Required fields were visible in the library settings and I could uncheck them field by field.

I just got off the phone with Microsoft support. They gave a link that describes the issues discussed here in the hyperlink below. Sure enough, it's by design.


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