"Shared with Me" function on OneDrive shows files not shared with you directly

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I created a picture library where I store employee photos as png files. The link for a photo is then used in a list where we create a list item for each new or leaving employee. The list items are then shown on our home page in a web part that was customized (React Content Query Web Part).

This is on our Intranet and the site collection has some owners and some members and then the visitor group contains “everyone but external”.

The problem is that even though no link was sent to anyone, the png files pop up in everybody’s “Shared with Me” on OneDrive. I can understand that users in the either Owners or Members groups could risk that kind of files in their Shared with Me, but not all other users.

This is the settings that we use when copying a link (attachment)

How can we get those files to not show up in "Shared with Me"?

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Using anything but “existing access” creates a sharing link. What you need to do is use the existing access option. This just gets a link straight to it the document and won’t “share” the document. Also if it’s on a private site or needs permissions changed then you’ll need to manually do that on the file through the file permission by adding those but I think from you post this is on a site that already everyone has access. So just use hay people with existing access link and your good to go.

Hi @Deleted,


Thanks for your swift reply. I am not sure I completely understand what you mean.

We need to create a link to the png files, because we need the photo (png) to show up in a web part.

So how do I "use the existing access option"?

I did not create special permissions on the picture library only the permissions inherited from site (and "everyone except external users" are in the visitor group- members and owners group have a few named users in them).

How do I create a link to the files using the existing access option? Do I need to do something special to create the link (other than using the Copy Link feature)?

The site collection is our Intranet so it is not at all private. But still a lot of ordinary users get to see the png files in their personal OneDrive "Shared with Me" part.

Thanks :)

No. Just use it existing access option. It gives you a link it just doesn’t add on sharing tidbits to the file which is what is causing everyone to see the file when they see it on th page in their shared list. By using the existing access option on the copy link dialog you get a link direct to the file not the sharing generated link format.

We have used the Copy Link option with the default settings (only people in our company + allow editing marked).

This is why I don't understand that we get the files in our Shared with Me OneDrive.

So I would like to get some kind of fix that will allow us to copy a link but not get the file shown in Shared with Me. Thanks.

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You don’t need a fix it already works. Stop using the “everyone in my company” and use “existing access” when creating the link.

Ahhh, sorry, now I see. I must have been distracted yesterday. Thanks a lot for you help.