"not enough space" when you try to syncronise

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We have an issue with offline sync of a library in SharePoint where we are trying to upload large files (1.5 - 5.5GB). If we create an empty library in SharePoint then sync it locally the sync is ok. As soon we add the large files to the local folder then OneDrive complains about lack of space and does not sync to the SharePoint library.


I am not sure where this is derived from? Any ideas would be grateful.

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Are you using "OneDrive" client to sync your SharePoint library or OneDrive for Business client? The "OneDrive" client is required for larger files of that size as well as SharePoint online.

Hi @Deleted,


Thanks for your reply and its the OneDrive client. Here's my stupid question. How can I tell the difference. My assumption was that we were using OneDrive for Business and hence the client would be the same but image says OneDrive?



I might be missing something here, but the Sync Client for OneDrive For Business, OneDrive Consumer and SPO Document Libraries is the same...
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Yes, but that was never stated since SharePoint on-prem could still use OneDrive for Business client, and they could have had a sync still setup on that old client, was getting that out of the way.

Your client build is fairly old, you might try updating it:

If you still having the issue then we'll need to look at the quota on the site your trying to sync with.

Hi @Deleted, 


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately we are tied into a central software update policy but sneakily I could update the client as local admin using the link you sent me and now the sync seems to be working.


Thanks for the solution.