"Everyone except external users" groups is now part of all shared files and folders

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We've noticed over the last couple of days that every file or folder that is shared in OneDrive for Business now includes the "Everyone except external users" in the sharing profile. Looking at the advanced settings reveals that everyone does indeed have Limited Access, which I assume really only gives them the ability to navigate to the file, and not access to the content itself. I'm questioning if this is something new? I don't recall seeing this before and we are already starting to get calls from panicked users worried their sensitive information is being shared with everyone in company.

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Hi John


We are seeing the same here.  The main concern is that within the information panel, under the Sharing section, it just shows the owner and then Everyone except external users.  It doesn't even show the users it is actually shared with unless you go to Advanced, or go to Share from the folder ellipsis.


Like you say, this is very confusing for end-users.

Interesting you mention this.


We did a migration of a users' data to OneDrive on January 3rd and all their folders and files included 'eveyone except external users' as having limited access.


We removed this group from having the limited access to the files and everything has been ok. Just a note to anyone else wanting to remove this permission level - we did not remove the access from site permissions page - only from the document library.

Microsoft fixed this on Friday, it's no longer the case

Great news. It's now back to how I'd expect Smiley Happy

We are seeing this as recent as today 9/13/2017. Is this a regression or expected behavior now? Is there an explanation of why the config is the way it is somewhere?

09/15/2017: I am seeing this in my tenant too. "Everyone Except external users" is listed in users page of OneDrive site and given Read and Limited access. Anyone elese seeing this?

I'm seen the same behaviour. Is there any way to fix that?.

I know it's an old post but must be a settings somewhere. I just checked in my OD4B and Everyone Except External Users has no access.