"Allow syncing only on PCs joined to specific domains" stops working for 1 domain after some time

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Hi there, bit of a weird one.

We have setup the domain restriction for onedrive sync and have about 20 domains in our list and it works fine.

After a while, there's always 1 domain (and it's always the same one) where all of a sudden all computers can no longer sync 'due to restrictions in place' even though nothing changed on the policy.

I can always solve it be running Set-SPOTenantSyncClientRestriction to disable domain restriction and then after a few hours run it again to limit it on all the domainGUIDs and then it will work again for all domains.

Does anyone have any insights as to why this might occur and even if not, where to start with troubleshooting :)

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Looks like a prime candidate for a support case if you ask me :)