"Add to my OneDrive" option in OneDrive for Business

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Hello Everyone, 

We are new in Office 365 environment, have just moved from GSuite and we've been struggling with one feature we were used to when sharing files/folders within departments, easy example from GDrive: 

  1. Someone created a document/folder and shared it with an individual or a group of users. 
  2. It appeared in "Shared with me" in both cases. 
  3. There was an option "Add to my drive" so the file/older would appear in your Drive's structure. 

Now I want to do the same in SharePoint/OneDrive for Business. But there are some obstacles: 

  1. Sharing is easy, no problem there. 
  2. When the file/folder is shared with an individual, it appears in "Shared > Shared with me", but once it's shared with a group, it's not there. 
  3. There is no option like "Add to my OneDrive" even though it is possible in OD Personal, obviously. 

Does anyone have any idea how to achieve scenario like this? I find it very uncomfortable to either remember file's original folder or to store a link to such file. 


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We don't have "Add to OneDrive" today. It is a key customer ask and we will have more to share in the future.

@Randy Wong Hello Randy, thanks for the reply. More or less I know that it's not possible today, but I was thinking - if there is someone, who uses OD for Business actively, what is the best practice for this now, how other are working with this in their environments. Thanks.