Question about settings for Sync button and modern app authentication

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Hi guys

I have two questions about the settings which is possible to configure over ODFB admin portal:

Sync > Checkbox "Show the Sync button on the OneDrive website"

What is the sense behind this option?
Let's say I will uncheck this option and the Sync button will get hidden.
So the use will not be able to start local synchronization over web. OK
But if he still would like, he could (even this button is hidden) do the synchronization by downloading the client and enter his credentials.
Provided of course, that the local synchronization if allowed.
Device access > allow access from apps that don't use modern authentication

This is more a general quesiton. So which apps could have access? Do you have some examples?
Is there also an store with apps which could be integrated in Office 365 or OneDrive For Business?
I'm asking this quesiton because I have never seen apps like that. Maybe you have some examples.

Thanks in advance.

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The answer to the first question is here:


But as you said, it's not a real restriction as they can just download the client elsewhere (not to mention it comes preinstalled with Win10). If you want to restrict the sync, you can use the second option in the portal or the set-spotenantsyncclientrestriction cmdlet.


For the second question, all Microsoft apps should indeed support MA nowadays, but some time ago this was not true. And having support for MA is important for features such as Conditional access, which you can bypass if using legacy auth. Thus many organizations are interested in being able to block such apps. It's the analog of the -LegacyAuthProtocolsEnabled setting for Set-SPOTenant.

@Vasil Michev


Thanks for your quick reply.


Regarding first question, everything is clear now.


Regarding the second question:

OK, that point you mentioned is clear for me.

But my question is about these apps. What kind of apps are existing on the market? (doesn't matter if already MA support or not)
This information is new for me, that there are apps existing, which can be cooperate with ODFB.
So that's why my question. Do you have some names of these apps for example?


Thank you.

I don't have an exhaustive list, and not sure if one is readily available, but basically any app that uses the OneDrive APIs to offer "storage" or "open/save file from OneDrive". Slack for example has something like this, Adobe/Foxit, heck even Autodesk products have it.

Ok, now it's more clear what kind of apps they are. Thanks a lot for your response.