Question about "unsharing" files

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Hello, our company creates and shares OneDrive customer files from our office PC's to our office ipads, which are used by our movers who are out in the field performing move jobs. "Sharing" a file is no problem and easy, but when it comes to "unsharing", it can take a long time for files to disappear from the OneDrive app on the ipads. Sometimes a whole day! We need unsharing to happen as promptly as possible. Can anyone provide some advice?  -I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you! 

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Are you seeing any evidence of the users accessing the content after unsharing?

My observation is also the speed of the OneDrive agent on the iPads is at the mercy of its operating system, data and sync settings. If they can only sync data on wifi then you may have to wait for the user to present the device to an open wifi network.
Thank you Mike for your input! On occasion yes, they are still able to access for a period of time until that folder finally disappears/unshares. And this delay of the folder unsharing has existed even in a wifi setting.