Problems with OneDrive Syncing

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I am accessing OneDrive on two computers. I created a file in a OneDrive synced foler on my first computer. It was synced successfully on OneDrive and I can access that file using my browser. However this file is not showing up on my second computer even though the folder has been synced. I can see changes on my second computer to an existing file that I modify on my first computer. However the new file doesn't seem to appear on my second computer synced folder even though I can access is on OneDrive through the browser. Any ideas?

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Are there any syncing errors on that client?
What happens when you create another file in that same location?
Make a copy?

@adam deltinger 

Ok so the problem seems to be with the machine running Windows 7. Or it could also be that I recently changed by password and that's probably not reflecting on the Windows 7 machine.


My machine running Windows 10 seems to be syncing fine, i.e. files updated or created on Windows 10 machine are syncing and I can see them on the Browser version of OneDrive. However files created on Windows 7 machine don't seem be syncing.


I am also unable to see the option to select folders to sync or access the OneDrive properties. In my Windows 7, the OneDrive shortcut appears in my Favorites only. The other path to it is c:\users\[my user account]\OneDrive. Right-clicking on this too doesn't show me the OneDrive properties.


My Windows 7 doesn't prompt me to enter my password again and I can't find any place to enter my password manually either.