problems sharing files and archives with external users.

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Hi, i am having problems sharing files and archives with external users, I can`t activate the option "Somene with the link". I did what manuals state regarding sharepoint and onedrive, even so, i can`t share. Please is someone can guide me on this. Thank you in adance



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@mmelgarejo3300 There have always been issues with this, and will always be unless the missing server is added to the environment. We have MediaRich Publisher that enables OTT delivery, collaboration on files to be handled outside the sharepoint environment, while at the same time creating work spaces for others to interface with. Needs some configuration, but once it's set up and working with different partner folders, it's life changing. To see some other features in MediaRich ECM for SharePointL We've had the secure, view anywhere MediaRich OneViewer for every version of SharePoint since 2003. Now we have added true 4k HLS streaming, Annotation Anywhere with renderstream technology that disables the ability to download to secure work product pre-release. That makes 450 filetypes, viewable anywhere from within SharePoint 2019 ready. Additionally, our tech is "Instant On". Just install, turn on in any library, and the MediaRich server delivers all the thumbnails, viewing, and Annotation directly on any file. Additionally, we released MediaRich Publisher which enables tethered publishing of auto-optimized content to OUTSIDE of SharePoint for intranet site content, website publishing, etc. with the blindingly fast serving of content, and OTT viewing enablement for users with publisher access. Solving a massive problem of getting content published quickly and delivering and collaborating with users outside the domain. We are still here, because our tech works and is patented and patents pending :) Check it out. #mediarichecmforSharePoint

Hi @mmelgarejo3300,


If you are trying to share with the "Anyone with the link" option, you'll need to make sure it is enabled for your organization. Can you share a screenshot of your sharing admin settings by chance? Thanks!

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