Problem with syncing folder with sharepoint in OneDrive

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Have you encountered the problem of being unable to sync a folder with Sharepoint using OneDrive? For me, one of the folders stopped syncing and disappeared from the list of synced folders.
After deleting the folder from the file explorer from the "Onedrive" directory, unfortunately it is not possible to add sync and the error "Sorry, we cannot sync this folder. You are already syncing the shortcut with the folder from this shared library"
The other Sharepoint directories are syncing properly so there is probably some junk somewhere on the system and remembers that one was syncing.

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I have the same issue with one of my users. Any update how to mitigate / solve the issue? Thanks in advance :)


I came across a possible root cause - shortcuts to the synced SharePoint library created in your own OneDrive folder (My Files).

Among other mentioned here and by MVP Hans Brender here.