Problem with OneDrive syncing files

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Hello everyone

The problem I faced now is very critical for me, in short details:

I have one excel file which I saved on OneDrive, I used to open this file and updated it daily, from 16-Dec the OneDrive app stopped for some reason, but I continued to use the excel file on OneDrive, after 2 weeks I started the OneDrive app again and try to Sync all the files, it gave a red X icon near the file, for fixing that, a message popup and it asked to open the Office program, I opened Office and the old version of the file is shown, also there was a message asked for saving this version and accidentally I agreed for that.


Now I lost the last updates for 2 weeks and tried to recover that by accessing the History, it shows the version of the previous 2 weeks and the last version saved which is the same, also I tried to use the recovery programs to recover the new version on the OneDrive folder but also without success.


I really appreciate if there are any method to recover my file since it take from me ages to do these updates for the past 2 weeks.

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Your only hope is previous versions at the OS level. Navigate to the file on your PC's OneDrive folder. Right click. Properties in the menu. Then there is a Previous Versions tab. Click on that. IT has OS level versions and it might contain your update before OneDrive saved it's online copy over it. Usually I never see these populated anymore as it's not usually on anymore in Windows 10 that I've seen, but it's worth a try. I assume you don't have any local pc/laptop backup software running either which could recover this as well.