Problem with on-premise SharePoint / OneDrive iOS app not displaying content

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Single server SharePoint farm, on-premise, 2019. SQL 2017.

New build, minimal data for testing purposes.

Everything functions absolutely perfect within browser as it should between SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. All uploads, downloads and viewing lists work perfect.

Here’s were the problem comes in....

Downloaded SharePoint app for iOS. Once in the Documents section of the SharePoint app it will redirect you to OneDrive app.

Downloaded the OneDrive app and signed in with SharePoint URL.

Once signed into the OneDrive app I can see all the folders. The problem is all these folders are empty. You can create folders and they will show up. You can upload files but they will not show up whatsoever. All uploaded or modified documents show and reflect perfectly within the browser. But still nothing shows or reflects in the app. I get ‘This folder is empty.’, when in reality it’s not because if I upload a duplicate it will recognize it as one.

I have tried different iOS versions, devices, accounts and rebuilt and reformatted my SharePoint / OneDrive VM 3 times... still with the same result.

I am hoping someone has had a similar experience because I can’t for the life of me figure out what is wrong. I have even had other developers look into troubleshooting with no avail...
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