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Hi All,


We have an intermittent issue with OneDrive where users will receive the error message: 


onedrive - there was a problem signing you in.png


We are using:


Windows 10 1709

Office 365 1803 9126.2315

Azure AD Connect 1.1.750.0

OneDrive 18.192.0920.0012


We have tried enabling ADAL as per the article:


However, this does not resolve the issue. Clicking on 'Try Again' will just loop.


Sometimes the following will resolve the issue:


- Closing OneDrive and reopening.

- Closing OneDrive, locking the computer, authenticate again, open OneDrive

- Logoff\Logon


But most of the time it requires a full restart. Even then it seems by sheer fortune it reconnects. I cannot seem to find a pattern for the issue.


Not too sure if this is related, but when users have been logged into the device and running an Office app, for example, Excel, once they hit 'save' they will be prompted to login:


onedrive - office login.png

Sometimes this will prompt for a username\password, other times it will allow the user to select the logged in Windows account.

However, this process with either just loop (requesting username password again) or it will come up with a device compliance error - we have a conditional access policy requiring a hybrid joined device.


All machines are hybrid joined connecting to etc. and SSO will work. 


Our version of AADC requires updating and there is a CR to do this.


Connection to OneDrive is via proxy and we cannot see any blocks here.



In the AAD event log the only real message I can see is this one:


Log: 0xcaa1007b Acquire token failed.

Logged at aggregatedtokenrequest.cpp, line: 61, method: AggregatedTokenRequest::AcquireToken.


Request: authority:, client: d3590ed6-52b3-4102-aeff-aad2292ab01c, redirect URI: ms-appx-web://Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin/d3590ed6-52b3-4102-aeff-aad2292ab01c, resource:, correlation ID (request): a4fda641-2cc1-4cc4-8dd3-6a570d75ab45


Error: 0xC0292007 The text associated with this error code could not be found.


I cannot find much log information on OneDrive.



I have logged a call with Microsoft about this but it doesn't seem to get beyond 1st line...


Anyone seen anything like this?

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@Baljit Aujla I had a similar issue we were told to check if we are behind a firewall to add this exceptions: