Problem Google Chrome and Onedrive

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Hello Everybody,


I use Office 365 and i discover a problem when i go to onedrive online in office 365.

I right click => make a new document word then Chrome open Wordonline
I write some caracters go back into one drive, the docx file appears but when i try to rename or delete its impossible ! it says : " another user is extracting the file or is lock against modifications.


I try with internet explorer and the problem doesnt appears only with google chrome.
What can i do ? because all @ the Office everybody use google chrome !

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Hi Hervé!


This is a known issue that most of us all experience every now and then, not only in Chrome :)

One common tips is to wait for 10 minutes and then try again (i know that is not a preferred solution).

In this article you can find a discussion about the same problem. Hope it helps.


The file is unlock not after 10 minutes but more between 30 minutes  and 1 hour then i can delete it or rename.

I just created a ticket to Office 365 and I made an online demo with the support of Office 365.
I'am waiting now for a response from the support....

I confirmed that the problem doesnt appears with internet explorer and Microsoft Edge, only with Google Chrome.

As i said, a known issue and the advice is often to wait for 10 minutes but it can be very long 10 minutes :)

Good luck and please let us know if you get a solution from the support.

BR, Magnus

After hours of test, I have almost identified when it comes.



The problem is with Google Chrome and Office online which lock the file during a period of time.
This problem concern all Office 365 users, 

If you want to see the problem, I have made 2 videos :
-one with internet explorer => no bug detected
-the other with Chrome and the bug ( file lock ) 

available here :



I have a ticket still open at Office 365 support and for the moment they have no response...

@Hervé Doher  Did you ever get an answer from office 365 about this bug?


It is happening in our office online integrated site, but only in excel when using chrome. 


Is your problem solved?

@GabrielaNery No, it is still happening



"It is happening in our office online integrated site, "

If its a sharepoint site, please verify permissions on the document library.
In my case, i was full admin on the sharepoint collection site but its was not enough.

You must have also permission for the document library then you wont have anymore lock file on sharepoint with excel or word online.


Sometimes it still happend because the user closed to fast the document or the document didnt close properly. => you must wait a period of time and the lock goes.