Preventing users from deleting a document's version history

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We moved our entire company file storage to OneDrive and I love the versioning feature for all documents in case someone accidently deletes a file or they edit something they weren't supposed to.  However, to me it looks like all users can just as easily delete any of the versions which poses a security risk (see picture).  Why have backups when anyone can just delete them if they wanted to be that way?  


After extensive research I couldn't figure out how to turn off that feature, so I took to this community.  Please help!  Thank you.



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If you place a retention policy on your SharePoint / OneDrive sites, then version histories cannot be deleted, you will get an error saying you cannot delete version history while a site is under retention policy or legal hold.

@Chris Webb Thank you Chris for that suggestion!

Is there no other way from a permissions standpoint to disallow anyone (or a select group of users) to delete version history?  I just feel like this should be a standard feature and am a bit surprised that any employee with access to a document can just wipe out all the backups with a click of a button.