Prevent files or folders from being re-shared?

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When a user shares a file or folder with someone, that person can re-share the item with others. Is there a way to prevent that? Searching the web, I found one method, but it's more complicated than most of our users will accept. There really should be a checkbox, like "Allow Editing", which controls this ("Allow Re-Sharing"). Or is there a way to accomplish this that I'm overlooking.



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There is a global setting and the one at a site level in the site access request settings. Other than that, no you can't do it per file, would be a nice feature to add to the Share dialog thou IMO.

@Chad_V_Kealey  second that. they really need a "allow sharing" settings there...

Hi @Chris Webb,

I know where to disable sharing at the site collection level. Can you tell me where to do it globally (if you mean tenant level)


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I have same problem. Did you solve this issue?
I would like to set up a feature that users who have shared files cannot share them to other users in the same organization. But user who have shared file can share them to other now.