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Why can I not see the 'People' section in Photos on the OneDrive app that is depicted in the following Microsoft support topic titled 'Group photos by people'. The purpose is to enable users to find photos that have particular people in them. Great feature, just can't find it in my OneDrive apps on either my Business or Personal Microsoft 365 services?


Group photos by people - Microsoft Support 


Is this a new feature that hasn't been rolled out yet, and if so when is it coming?

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The ‘People’ section in Photos on the OneDrive app is a feature that allows you to group and find photos by the faces of people in them. However, this feature is not available for all users yet.

According to the Microsoft support topic that you mentioned, this feature is coming soon and is yet to be released. Therefore, you may not see it in your OneDrive apps on either your Business or Personal Microsoft 365 services.

The support topic also states that some regions require your consent before Microsoft can begin processing your photos with facial grouping technology. This means that even if the feature is released, you may need to give permission for Microsoft to use your facial scans and biometric information to group photos by people. You can do this by going to Settings > Photos > People in your OneDrive app and turning on the facial grouping setting.




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Could you please notify me too, when it will be possible to use this great feature? Thanks.

The face recognition was first mentioned on onedrive 4 years ago as a future feature.


Sadly, it's still being developed, years to release.


It's a one of the killing feature that keeps google photo no.1