Own Files created on Shared OneDrive not syncing

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Hi all


I'm new to the whole OneDrive thing so just bear with me.


I have the following problem:

User 1 creates a shared onedrive, which he shared to 3 users. All 3 users has access to this shared onedrive folder. As they edit the folder all user are able to see the changes that was made. User 3 is unable to sync changes they make to this shared folder. They were able to do this previously. Just now all of a sudden that their changes they make to the shared folder does not get synced. But they are able to see changes that the other users make.


The files that they created are stuck on the sync icon, but nothing ever happens. They have a personal OneDrive as well as a Business OneDrive on the computer.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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The OneDrive Sync engine can be used to sync SharePoint libraries to multiple people.  When you do that changes made by anyone are synced to everyone.  But OneDrive although OneDrive for business can be shared you can't sync someone else's OneDrive for business, only your own.  I'm not sure why they thought it worked int he past.  I've never seen anyone be able to use a shared folder in a OneDrive for business as a sync target, only SharePoint libraries.

Hi Paul


Thank you for your response. I appreciate your feedback. 


The shared onedrive folder is being shared among 5 user I think. All of them are able to upload files to the shared folder and it would in turn sync to everybody's OneDrive on their computer. 


The problem comes in where one of these user's can't sync their files on this shared onedrive  folder. It would display the sync icon on their local files and awaiting sync, but it just never goes through. Strangely enough that some of the files would manage to upload but not all of them. It continues to go through processing the files that needs to be uploaded, but it's like an endless loop.


Looking forward to your responses.