Option "block download" not showing

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Hi all,

I have around 10 users in 1 office who don't have the option "BLOCK DOWNLOAD" on their ODB apps.

They only see this option for Office files (Word, Excel, etc...) for non-office files such as PDF's, option is not showing.

Is that by default MS design or am I missing something?

If it is by default MS design, can you recommend some articles that would confirm this statement?


Kind regards,


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@StephenRice Hi Stephen - I noticed our mention of being able to block video download from OneDrive in the future. I was curious if you know that status on this potential update.




Hi @SONeill,


No news to share on this just yet. We are starting with Block Download support for Teams Meeting Recordings and will be looking to expand further in the future. Thanks!

Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

Hi @StephenRice,


I am based in UK and using a business account. The option of disabling download doesn't seem to be possible for videos, still. Will it be rolled out eventually?




Hi Lisa_JK,

This is in our plans but no timeline just yet. We will be starting with support for Teams Meeting Recordings. Thanks!

Stephen Rice
Senior Program Manager, OneDrive





Any updates on blocking downloads of PDF documents please?


Thank you

Hi Stephen Rice,

Could you please elaborate this? Does it means I need to subscribe and pay to get that feature?




We can't change value of ChannelRecordingDownload in the Global policy because the variable isn't there. Any of you experiencing the same issue? We run Teams PowerShell module version 2.5.0


AllowAnonymousUsersToDialOut      False
AllowAnonymousUsersToStartMeeting      False
AllowChannelMeetingScheduling      True
AllowCloudRecording      True
AllowEngagementReport      Enabled
AllowExternalParticipantGiveRequestControl      False
AllowIPAudio      True
AllowIPVideo      True


May I know if this feature would be available to us soon on OneDrive? Because I see that there are lots of people asking for this feature for ages and nothing much has been done still.

Google Drive has this Block Download feature for a very long time now. I believe shouldn’t be that tough for Microsoft right?

Thanks so much for your help

Keep an eye on the Message Center over the next few weeks...

@StephenRice Thanks so much for that. Seems like we will be having "Block Download" feature in the next couple of weeks. 

Could I confirm that this feature will be implemented on OneDrive personal right? 


Thank you 

This will only be on Enterprise for the moment. Thanks!
I see.

I saw many request on the internet requesting for this same feature actually. In fact Google Drive has this feature for a long time now. Are we able to implement this same feature for OneDrive (Personal). I have subscribed to Microsoft 365 and it’s yearly payment. Will that be entitled to that feature?

Thank you
Hi Gabrielhuisg,

We are planning this feature only for our enterprise customers at this time. We'll certainly keep an eye on the demand here though and keep this in mind for the future. Thank you for your feedback!

Stephen Rice

@StephenRice, can you give an indication on when this release is planned? 2021 or 2022?

Any news on when this feature is available? Can't find it on the roadmap.


For everyone waiting for this feature, it's now on the roadmap and planned release is December:

That’s awesome news! Thanks for the update @Stephan_Leistra

@StephenRice Hi Stephen,
My organization actively uses the OneDrive system. First of all, thank you very much for your support. We need to securely share files such as pdf and video on OneDrive with people outside the organization. Especially download blocking is very important to us. You mentioned that you are working on this issue. When will this feature come? Thanks.

Hi @Dincer_Ozberber,


Block Download for PDF should be available today.


Block Download for video should be coming very soon! Rollout will start this month and finish in January! 


Hope that helps!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

@StephenRice Is there a way to get early access to the block download feature? Or maybe get this feature to roll out for our tenant as early as possible?
We are desperately waiting for this feature due to legislation in our country.