Option "block download" not showing

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Hi all,

I have around 10 users in 1 office who don't have the option "BLOCK DOWNLOAD" on their ODB apps.

They only see this option for Office files (Word, Excel, etc...) for non-office files such as PDF's, option is not showing.

Is that by default MS design or am I missing something?

If it is by default MS design, can you recommend some articles that would confirm this statement?


Kind regards,


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Hi @shavit,


When this rolls out, it should apply to most video files in your OD (regardless of when they were added).


In less exciting news, we identified an issue here as we started to rollout and we're delaying our rollout of Block Download for video files as a result. We'll repost the Message Center post once we've resolved this. Thanks everyone for your patience! 


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

@Stephen Rice ho Noooo   :) :)

We were waiting for this fix so long  especially because the Semester starts .

Do have any clue when it will be ready? In a 1 month 2 months? 

Thanks a lot anyhow.



That about matches my reaction :( 


We're still working through things on our side so I don't have a specific timeline just yet. Suffice to say we know this one is really important and we want to get this in everyone's hands as soon as humanly possible!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

@Stephen Rice while we are eagerly waiting for this feature to be available on our tenants, a question arises for me regarding Teams recordings.


In a channel meeting that is recorded, what permissions will attendees have on it? By default, it would be desirable that only the moderators have the download option, but, reading the announcement in detail, it seems that this option will be available for the sharing links. Also, based on other types of files, I am afraid that only for those that are shared with everyone.

Hi @cjescudero,


Today, the recording is uploaded to the Team channel so everyone on the team has Full Control, like they do on every file in the Team channel.


In the future though (exact date TBD, keep an eye on message center),

Recorders & organizers of the meeting can edit.

Members of the team channel can view only (and are blocked from downloading)

Owners of the team get full control.


Hope that helps!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

Hopefully that future is not too far away. At our University there are many complaints from faculty because students (or any other attendees of the organization) have access to downloading the recording of a channel meeting in Teams.

@Stephen Rice 

I tried to reach the MS support to get an answer, where I can find the corresponding Roadmap item #67166 where blocking video files in OneDrive for Business has been announced.

We asked for it month ago because it is an important compliance topic for us and I got the information that it is already in development and found the ID #67166.

Now, the Roadmap item #67166  seems to be deleted.

Where is it gone? And why? When will this be on the Roadmap again?

The MS Support explained, that they are not responsible for the Roadmap and cannot answer my question. And they send a link to an old Roadmap item, that is totally not relevant for this case.

Can you please help us?

Thank you!

Best regards,


@Stephen Rice 

Hello again Stephen. Is there any progress with this that you can tell us? any expectation date?

Thank you

@Stephen Rice 


Hi. Is there any update on introducing this blocking feature? I understood that it would be implemented by now.

Hi @trading_wizz

In the Microsoft Roadmap it says February 2021 for blocking download of Teams meeting recordings for users with view-only permissions:
Microsoft Teams: Block Downloads for Teams meeting recordings on OneDrive and SharePoint

This is only available with the new Microsoft Stream based on OneDrive and SharePoint.

Warm regards and happy new year!

Hi all,


Just popping in to confirm that @Lars365 is correct here. The previous roadmap post was more broad than originally intended and was replaced with the new item that is correctly scoped. The team is still looking to make Block Download available more broadly for other video file types but we don't have a timeline we can offer just yet. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

@Stephen Rice 

I have a paid Microsoft 365 account for my business and the block download option is not showing up on the permissions pop up box. Please advise. 

How do I block illegal downloads of my company files by the staff that does not need to access and take away docs they should not.



Hi @Roy_Thomas,


The Block download option is only available for Office file types & a select number of non-Office file types (e.g. PDF). What file types are you not seeing it show up for? Depending on your exact needs, you might also want to check out our conditional access policies  as a potential solution. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive 

The Microsoft Roadmap states that this month the feature will be released to block Team-meeting recording downloads. Any news on when exactly? And does this apply only for Team-meeting recordings or all MP4 files?

I wondered the same. Tagging @Stephen Rice.

@Stephen Rice 

Now that it is not possible to save recordings anywhere other than Onedrive/Sharepoint, our University is starting to have legal problems with this limitation. By limiting the permissions of the recordings folder to read-only, we have fixed the problem of accidental deletion of the recordings, but not the problem of the download blocking.

A functionality that was desirable is now urgent, because otherwise, Teams recordings are not valid for us.

Hi @Stephen Rice I see that the option to block downloads of Team recordings is rolling out.


Can you tell something about this update? Likes does this also apply to other MP4 files?

Hi all,


The Block Download option will only apply or be available for Teams Meeting Recordings at this time. Making this option available for more video file types is absolutely on our backlog but we don't have a timeframe to offer just yet. Thanks!

Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

The roadmap item has been changed from "rolling out" to "In development" and will only be released in April CY2021... What happened? We desperately need this option and I know a lot of European universities are also struggling with this issue due to privacy legislation.