Open in App experience - some bugs and wishes

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We are experimenting the new "Open in app" feature which is a revolution that is not talked enough in the community. :stareyes:  Here are some issues and wishes:

  • If I click "save as" to save a copy of my file, it saves in the temporary OneDrive folder, but the sync engine doesn't save the file back to the cloud. It stays forever in those limbos... It would be more elegant that the sync engine captures it and saves it in the same folder as the original file. At the very least an error message should be visible in the OneDrive system tray.


  • What is more troubling is that, for some software, instead of overwriting a file when saving, it deletes the original file and save a new one. This never gets synced back. Caseware is a hugely popular accounting software that does that. That is an even bigger reason to take my first point into account.
  • There is an annoying security prompt all the time we open a file and I don't see a setting to disable it: 
  • In SharePoint and Teams, the setting that allows files to open in desktop app by default still only applies to Office files. It would help a lot that it applies to other file types as well!
  • File shared from OneDrive won't work with Open in App:


Thanks for your attention and workarounds if any!

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Your bug with "Save as" is only, if you do not have "Open in App "used on a synced element.
Here it works.

@Hans Brender , yes "save as" always works on already sync'ed folder (through sync or OneDrive shortcut). The idea with "Open in app" is to avoid having to sync the folder before. It works to save the current file, but not if you save as a new name in the same location. Unless, of course, if you already sync'ed the whole folder before.

Francis Laurin

Have you manage to find solution for the annoying security prompt that every time when you open a file ?

This time no solution.