Open a specific site in OneDrive app for iOS

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Hi Guys


I ran upon the following issue: There is an App on iOS, let's call it "Managers App". "Managers App" should now be able to open the OneDrive iOS app (which is installed too) to a specific SharePoint site with documents in it.


I was able to open OneDrive with the url schema 


and it activates the sites tab in the OneDrive App. But... I'm not able to link directly to a specific site.  How can I achieve that? 

The web url to the site is something like

I've tried to open the OneDrive app via ms-onedrive://sites/DMSD_239485 but with no success... 


Can you please help me with that? 


Thx in advance!


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Did you end up working out a solution to this?


Unfortunately not.

Thanks :(


I'm sure one day they will document it.

I've know the parameters sites and files do something.

I played around with other strings, but couldn't quite guess it...