Onward sharing of links - restrictions broken?

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One of our users believes they have discovered an issue with onward sharing of links. I've not attempted to reproduce myself.


If they onward share from the desktop app (Word), the person attempting to share it on gets a message that it has been referred to the owner for permission, and the owner gets an email.  This is the behavior we want and expect.


However, if the onward share is done from the browser version of Word, it just goes direct to the 3rd party, with no notification and no request to change permissions.


Only tested from Word so far.  All parties involved are internal to the organisation.

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Out of curiosity, which are the Access Request settings?

Not sure if I understand correctly, but if you mean re-sharing of documents by people that have been granted access to them, this is the expected behavior (for people with Edit permissions). You can disable it via PowerShell.



Lets administrators set policy on re-sharing behavior in OneDrive for Business.


On- Users with edit permissions can re-share.

Off- Only OneDrive for Business owner can share. The value of ODBAccessRequests defines whether a request to share gets sent to the owner.

Unspecified- Let each OneDrive for Business owner enable or disable re-sharing behavior on their OneDrive.