OneDriveForBusiness Sync Client Tracing-Logging verbose debugging

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verbose debug level tracing for onedrive.exe nsgsc,

I need to trace all activities performed by this exe installed on the client computer,

i am unable to find the enumguid or rather tracelog / logman provider guid for this executable,

i need complete details with examples of each step performed by onedrive.exe

Or for that matter what other tools could be used for end to end tracing of all activities done by this clients

when it is going for authentication what all is sent in the authentication, 

what details is sent when there is a change

what detail is sent or not sent when there is no change

what happens when account is linked / unlinked on/from PC

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So there is an extensive logging which is collected by a bat file created/installed when onedrive.exe is installed at this location 



Running the batch created a compressed folder on the desktop with detailed information on the client applications functionality,


I'd say this extensive searching on this client application authentication doesnt really involve any actual authentication as once the creds are saved in the client there on it is able to update files, 


Requiring Re-Authentications for every time access might break the sync,


However what will happen when the user changes/updates password on-premises,

it Of-Course will depend upon how authentication has been configured, but my query is more in context of this onedrive.exe sync client if everything is stored as configuration in it,

which means it also will check for if user password is upto date or not




Just to add there is a Logman guid for this client,

Which can be seen by exporting the logman query providers>anyname.txt and find for onedrive

Microsoft-Windows-SettingSync-OneDrive   {F43C3C35-22E2-53EB-F169-07594054779E}