OneDrive: We are still setting up your files on OneDrive. This should take a few minutes/hours/days?

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I use a license for Office 365 A1 for teachers and students, am I right here?
I have already seen posts dealing with the problem - just to be sure again.
The problem will solve itself after a certain time?!
Especially now that we have to work a lot online because of Corona, the functioning of OneDrive would be essential for our institute.


Regards - Marco

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Did it finally worked? I have the exactly same problem, I waited already a week or so, and it's still 'configuring files, please try again later'. It's frustrating. 

@przemyslawkoziel Hello, no - it has not worked for more than a week. I think it's due to a current overload of the cloud or another component in Microsoft's infrastructure - probably larger customers (more financially strong) are preferred.
But that's just a guess.
However, I have been contacted 3 times by a very nice support employee from Microsoft and my problem has escalated - but that didn't help :)

@przemyslawkoziel What I am more surprised about is that no one makes a statement here regarding my request - this should be a forum in which people exchange ideas.
If, as in my case, no one answers for 8 days, then this forum misses its purpose!


No offence but you are asking for tech support basically. Nobody here is able to give you any other answer than, "Just wait!", or, "Open a support ticket!". You also wrote that you have read multiple other threads about the same problem.


It also doesn't help that Microsoft offers multiple ways where users can contact each other. There is Yammer, there is this techcommunity site, there is answers (the "normal" community?), there is uservoice, and maybe a few others.


According to the Community Guidelines in this forum

you should ask your question in or open a support ticket (which you already have done). There is not much else you could do. This problem has to be solved by Microsoft in your Office 365 tenant.