OneDrive Turns 15!

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Today OneDrive celebrates its 15 year anniversary! To celebrate, The Intrazone Podcast hosted Ankita Kirti, Arwa Tyebkhan (Principal GPM | OneDrive) and Steven Bailey (CVP OneDrive and SharePoint engineering) to celebrate both OneDrive’s 15th lap around the sun AND to hear more about the new OneDrive Home experience. 


Head over to the recent SharePoint Blog post to listen to the new episode and learn more about the redesigned OneDrive Home experience. 


And while you're here, take a moment to celebrate and share your favorite OneDrive features!





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It's so awesome that after 15 years OneDrive still doesn't properly respect locales outside of the United States, that it doesn't matter in how many places in user, system and browser settings you specify a locale like English(Australia), it still shows all my file dates and other information in US date formats. Of course you must know - and celebrate - all this because there are dozens, if not hundreds of user feedback threads on User Voice and every other forum confirming this.
I also personally loved that fact that for most of the 15 years, clicking on Help or other links inside OneDrive took you to obviously out of date SkyDrive information. You must have celebrated every time user support heard about this!

Of course this is just the icing on the cake of the entire SharePoint/Office 365 making a similar mess of locales because ya know ya gotta have US dates and other configuration irrespective of what users need. Celebrate!

Hi @Mike Williams 

I understand your frustration, but consider whether you did it in the right place at the right time!

When will be the right time? Complaints have been made to Microsoft for a long time through all the channels that Microsoft provides for customer feedback and registering of bugs. When I spoke about it during a Q&A session at Ignite a few years ago, I got a standing ovation from the audience.

I've managed some major software internationalization efforts at Microsoft HQ. I know how easy it is to fix some of these things but also how little many care. One of the localization managers said that non-US English is the least tested locale set at Microsoft, even though it covers it the UK, Ireland, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa and a dozen more.