Onedrive thinks Documents, Pictures, Desktop etc. are not backed up but they are

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I've had a Microsoft 365 home/family subscription, including OneDrive, for several years. A few months ago OneDrive was not syncing so I unlinked and relinked it. That seemed to fix the problem but a few weeks ago, the "Back up Folders On This PC" dialog popped up, with Documents, Pictures and Desktop turned on. At the bottom it said "463.3 GB over your limit (1.5TB of 1TB)". Please see "OneDrive Backup Dialog" screenshot. However, I KNOW these folders are being backed up because if I go to and log in, I can see them there. Please see "OneDrive Cloud vs Local Folders" screenshot. I see this discrepancy on TWO Windows 10 computers, so I think the problem is not local but with the management database stored in the cloud for OneDrive, although I'm not an expert on this.

Please help me resolve this issue.



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