OneDrive takes up to 10 minutes to be ready

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Hello all,


we are facing the problem that OneDrive for Business takes up tp 10 minutes before files can be used that were not downloaded before. After each logon (service restart) its the same for all users.

Basically we only have the personal OneDrive for Business and 3 SPO document libraries synced to each user.

Did anyone faces the same or some similar problem?

If we assing a user Owner permissions to the SPO site collection OneDrive for Business is ready within seconds.....thats the strange thing.

ALso with fiddler/Wireshark we cannot see anything within this 10 minutes. At first Onedrive for Business logges on normally and also fire for each SPO document library a API call...after that the magic 10 minutes noting happens.




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I've seen this randomly happen for new users when they go through the first time setup and I never understood why.  It's a bit embarrassing when I am singing OneDrive's praises and helping someone set it up for the first time who has been hesitant to do so and then I have to tell them to give it some time check back later.