OneDrive Syncs Application folders and prevents files from being open

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I need some advice on how an ongoing series issues with Microsoft Business one drive can be resolved for my local city government who I work with.   The issues are primarly....

  • One drive sets the default "Home" Directory of there computers for "Desktop", "Downloads", "Pictures", "Documents" to C:\Username\Onedrive City of X\ despite attempts change it back to default C:\Username\
  • Syncing Improper Folders: One drive is syncing Application data, folders, and temp directory for several programs R, Tableau, Zoom, Microsoft Teams,  Python.  This causes applications to either crash or cause sync issues
  • Files Don't Open: They found that pausing one drive allows them to open and launch most affected applications.  However, any attempt to pause one drive causes additional problems as then any file in the one drive won't open regardless of file size or age.
    • They get the error, " 
    • Based on records that they have shown me that sent own tech support none of the Excel, Tableau Prep, Tableau, or R files open
    • At this point they have to pause and un pause OneDrive several times a day

At this point, I believe their IT tech support has tried to resolve the issues as her co-workers experience similar issues, but they have been unable to do so. 


At this time I do not how active Microsoft is involved or how much they are aware of the problem--as the contract is held with IT.  The issue is the problem is getting worse not better as the upgrades to office 365 are being rolled out.  I believe they have the G3 plan. 

My question are two fold. 

  1. Based on these symptoms is there anything they can do on there computers to try to at least patch the problem or prevent it from getting worse? 
  2. How does OneDrive business support work? Should they themselves reach out to Microsoft and if so how and when?
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It appears that the IT department or users is making strange configuration changes such as putting application folders inside OneDrive. In any case, the IT department should lodge support tickets with Microsoft.
Thanks, we were able to get Microsoft to help