OneDrive syncing my desktop files

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My work email’s OneDrive is syncing/uploading my desktop files to my Sharepoint site. I only needed my team’s folder on Sharepoint to sync to my desktop so I can do my job. However, it started to upload my desktop files as well. I’m not sure how to stop this. Wheh I unlinked OneDrive the first time, it wiped my desktop clean only for me to find everything on the Sharepoint site. I downloaded this to my desktop already and have been using this to store my files locally. However, a duplicate folder has appeared and all my desktop files have the sync pending icon again. Please send help. I just wanted to stop my desktop files from syncing…

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Your description is a bit hard to follow. You should talk to your IT support at work.

Hi @MikeWWW,


Thank you for replying to this post! To answer your comment about reporting this to the IT, I have raised this to them Thursday, Friday, and early this morning. However, I have been passed to more people than I can remember. So I took it upon myself to bring this up here in hopes that this would be resolved so I can continue working.


Sorry for the very messy description on the og post. Hopefully the one below is clearer:


Last Thursday (July 28), I experienced syncing issues (red X mark) for a lot of the files inside my team’s folder. One of my teammates suggested that I unlink the PC and resync everything for good measure. Once that was finished, I noticed that not only did my team’s folder sync to my desktop but the files on my own desktop were uploaded onto the ‘My files’ folder within Sharepoint. I searched for a solution to this and found that I can choose which folders to sync. I’m not sure what my mistake was but since I needed to open OneDrive to go to the settings to “Choose folders”, the sync for my desktop started again and the folder on my OneDrive (that I have now downloaded to my own desktop out of fear of losing it) is now appearing on my Desktop again.


After I unticked Desktop and all other folders that I do not need to sync to Sharepoint, the only folder I need to sync is syncing properly.


The issue I am currently facing is that the pending sync icon are still present on my desktop folders/files even when I have unticked this already.



Please let me know if this is clearer! If not, I can rephrase it!


Thank you so much!



Your description still assumes that someone is looking over your shoulder as so much information is missing. The cumulative effect of all the actions you have taken confuses the picture further.

Your screenshot does not show enough path information. I suspect that you are confusing SharePoint and OneDrive and have standard PC folder backup to OneDrive enabled, and so your Desktop files are in your OneDrive, not in SharePoint.

This is why I think you need to have someone local look at your issue.

Thank you for your input. I have raised a ticket along with my supervisor for the IT to check this out. But will also wait here should there be others who are experiencing anything similar to this. Thanks. 


Edit: You’re right though. I might be confusing Sharepoint and OneDrive. Might post screenshots here in the morning for more context.