OneDrive Synce Rename Issue

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Hi Guys, I'm trying to setup OneDrive for myself - I've moved 150GB of Data accross, and everything has been fine, execpt that there are 2 files that need renaming. When I go to rename them, it says "rename finished with errors". - I cant get past this - i've tried everything, resnycing, deleting the OneDrive folder and starting from scratch, I'm totally stuck. Normally an issue like this, it has a Red X icon next to the file/folder so I could manually go and just rename or delete the file, however there are no Red X and I have no idea what the filenames are to even search for them. I've spent hours and hours going through every folder in one drive to find a Red X but there is nothing. I need help determining what these files are so i can just delete them. Without the name or location I'm stuck?
can anyone help? could it be in an event log somewhere?
I'm kind of desperate now!
Its also go some kind of chinese icon next to it - if that helps - see photo

please help!

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