OneDrive Sync tool behavior for more than 300K files

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Hi team,


OneDrive client sync has limitation of 300,000 files across different libraries. Microsoft link for reference here

GPO settings are set for the files on demand.

And we are looking at migrating file share content to OneDrive personal site


My understanding

My understanding is, for large number of files (within the limits of 300K) OneDrive sync tool should take more time to sync first time, but after that not all files will sync at a time (files on demand is on), so no future issues should appear. But not having exact user experience information.


Problem statement/Query

 We have significant number for users with more than 300K files and want to know how will OneDrive client sync tool behave on the first time login by user post migrating these 300K files? Will it take longer time to sync or will it not sync at all ?


Please guide

If anyone has seen such scenarios in other customer or any pointers will be a great help

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It will sync assuming decent bandwidth and local device performance, but it won't necessarily be a quick or pleasant experience!

If you can, take advantage of either
1) external migration tools; and/or
2) separate SharePoint doclibs to hold content that is not "hot"

You definitely want to avoid *any* file interactions while the first sync takes place and to check that all clients are running up to date OneDrive software.
Avoid local sync if total amount of object at destination is more de 300 000 (see problem even with 100 000). You will have issue and sync never end even if you sync 1 folder with 1 item and the source library have 300k items. Files could take hours to be sync up to the cloud and this will result in lots of frustration.

If you regarding moving network drive to cloud and sync everything locally (even on demand) you will failed.

A approach will be having library with « active content » (no more then 100k object) that is sync locally and other library for archiving and those should not be synch.

Here is a thread with lots of information regarding this issues that has never been fixed yet by Microsoft. Would recommend to continue exchange in that previous thread.

@Rupali Gajendra Kothawade The OneDrive sync tool can struggle as you approach 300 thousand files. However you can try alternative means to access files from File Explorer such as mapping a network drive to SharePoint Online libraries with a tool like Zee Drive.