OneDrive Sync Question, E1 vs. E3 and with VM users

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I've got a client that has moved to O365, E3 for many users, then E1 for users that float. They are moving local shares for users to OneDrive. All users previously had versions of Office. The concern is after OneDrive is in place, those E1 users (Primarily VM's) could sync their OneDrive to a VM that no longer has a version of Office installed. How have others dealt with this concern? Is this simply a training issue? Or is it possible to disable Sync for E1 users through a PowerShell script and is that a good idea?  Thanks.

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You can't block sync on a user basis but there may be options within the OneDrive GP template to stop this


/ Adam

Thanks for the reply, Adam. Any thought on the concern? have you had companies express the sync concern with E1 users? Dan

I’d go for the gpo in this case!