OneDrive sync pauses for extended period time - version 22.055, 22.060 and 22.065 - M1 Mac

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We are seeing significant pauses for downloading large amounts of data using OneDrive versions 22.055, 22.060 and 22.065 on Apple Silicon macs running Mac OS 12.3.1.   OneDrive seems to be able to download 2500 to 3000 files at a time and then pauses for hours (e.g., 4-5 hours) and then resumes downloading.  We have replicated this on multiple M1 macs.   For example, downloading a OneDrive with 115 GB of data on a very fast internet connection has not completed after 16 hours post setup.  Most of the time, OneDrive appears to be idle but at sporadic times it downloads 2500-3000 files and then pauses again.   Unclear if this is a OneDrive issue, a Mac OS 12.3.1 issue or both.    We have also observed this issue when syncing SharePoint folders to an M1 mac - slow/paused downloads.  Restarting the M Mac results in OneDrive downloading another 2500 to 3000 files and then the pause happens.


Considering comparing results to an intel mac running 12.3.1 and also testing Mac OS 12.4 beta to see if we get the same, worse or improved results.  





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I have run the comparison using the same data, but on an Intel-based computer (2018 MacBook Pro 15" i7- 16GB.
MacOS 12.3.1
OneDrive version 22.055.0313.0001 (Standalone)

I first clicked "Download all OneDrive files now," and all folders and files downloaded as expected without any pauses or stalls.

I then synced a SharePoint folder, right-clicked on the folder, and chose "Always Keep on This Device." It immediately began downloading the folders and files to my computer (~14GB). Completed without issue.

All of my users who have had sync issues after this update have been using M1's, so it's highly likely that there is a bug when using the M1 architecture.

Hi @jsturgis ,


I had similar issue but after I switched to OneDrive for M1 Apple Silicon, I do not experience it anymore. Make sure your OneDrive is Apple kind (M1 native, not Intel), and check it out. I would recommend even enrolling into Insider preview. it seems to be very stable. 



I even wrote a blog about about this - I hope it helps. Check it out here.