OneDrive Sync (Known Folder Move) preventing shutdown

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So I have a strange issue, and am wondering if anyone here within the community has experienced it, and what you've done to minimize this.


As a test rollout I have applied group policies to backup known folders in OneDrive. We have one from upper management with possibly over 40,000 files in between his Desktop, Documents, and Pictures. Whenever he tries to shut his computer off, OneDrive is actually preventing windows from shutting down. I believe it's due to syncing, and to shut off his computer every day, he has to close OneDrive first. 
Of course this doesn't happen on my machine, and I don't have 40,000+ files at all. From a management perspective, I know they just "want it to work". Have any of you experienced this, or have ideas on what I can do to make it so OneDrive doesn't prevent Windows from shutting down?

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@rmoat Did you ever solve this?  I have a similar issue.


Thank you

@Shawnwat Sorry for the delay. So far, no. It's really only affecting this one user, but he has so many files, I'm just curious if it's getting stuck on some. He's happy with it, other than OneDrive preventing the shutdown, and now it's hard now that we're all working remotely until we have the okay to go back into the office.

@rmoat thank you for the response, not a problem.  I am in a VDI environment.  Ultimately what I did is us the group policy to direct OneDrive to a specific folder and then use the standard folder redirection to put known folders in the same folder I pointed to in the OneDrive policy.  

Hi @Shawnwat I hope everything is going well. We also have a VDI environment and are using OneDrive and we started encountering a similar issue could you let me know what group policies you set up that helped you with this issue. Thank you!



I advise using fslogix when using VDI. You really don't want to use any other solution, when working with onedrive KFM

@busybee2021 I agree with @Rudy_Ooms fslogix is the way to go. That said I will write up what I did in case you can't use fslogix for whatever reason.

Hi @Rudy_Ooms_MVP We do have fslogix and set the group policies for OneDrive in the OneDrive administrative templates including the OneDrive KFM. Should it have been done through fslogix. (Sorry if my question doesn't make sense I'm fairly new to this) Thank you!