OneDrive sync client - How can I download the latest version?

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I'm trying to download the latest OneDrive sync client from:


By clicking "Install the latest Windows version". But when I do this I get downloaded the "17.3.6517.809" version not the latest "17.3.6674.1021" release.


The question is. How can I download the latest OneDrive sync client release?


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We have to wait for the final version, announced for this end quarter!!!

The graphic for the Mac version is the same for Windows....



Two days ago on December 14th a new production version of the new OneDrive Sync Client for both Windows and Mac were released.
1) Windows (Version 17.3.6720.1207)
2) Mac (Version 17.3.6720.1207)

There is a link to download each client from the New OneDrive sync client release notes.

In our estate we have user running Version 17.3.6517.0809 and are not sure if this update will remove the older GROOVE.EXE client and deliver the following capabilities:
1) the ability to Sync SharePoint site libraries.
2) the ability to sync data shared with you by someone else

Has anyone yet rolled this out to you end users and how did you tackle this?

We have a combination of unmanaged Windows 7 and managed Windows 10 clients and Macs (for which we already have a client update strategy)



Unfortunately, the link to the Windows version contained in, still points to version 17.3.6517.0809.

It appears that it is not possible to download directly the bits of newer production releases (assuming that such bits are actually different from the bits of preview releases, which is not perfectly clear...).

On the other hand, for all my regular (i.e. not preview) users, yesterday the the latest OneDrive sync client (NGSC version 17.3.6720.1207) has been automatically downloaded and installed.

Looks like the updated .1207 version is being propulgated thru our users on our tenatnt.  Does anyone know if the updated client on the desktop instigates a resync of the files to OneDrive in the portal?  We are seeing an up tick on traffic and wondering if that coula be the cause..

No. I haven't seen any resync.

We are seeing our Windows 7 clients (which had user self-installed client version 17.3.6517.0809 previously) self-update to version 17.3.6720.1207 with no apparent network (or user) impact.

I have diffrent versions on diffrent machines (diffrent domains, diffrent tenants, diffrent OS)
Microsoft has released some new versions, but on the Microsoft Changelog they cut one version out!)

NGSC 17.3.6720.1207_ENG.png


the last Released version is 17.3.6720.1207

the last Preview  version is 17.3.6743.1212

This version is for manual download, you should read first

 Transition from the previous OneDrive for Business sync client for SharePoint sites.

and then

 Get started syncing SharePoint sites with the new OneDrive sync client - Preview.

so as today it will download 17.3.6743.1212


my german language post about all versions is ready, the english site will be ready in a few hours





Thank you for your information.

I read that the two versions for Windows and Mac always come together,

you know about the last preview for Mac?

Windows Preview: 17.3.6743

Mac Preview: 17.3.6720



whether one drive client is a part of office updates?

we have windows 10 but our one drive client it is not up to date

There are two update rings - check to make sure you are getting updates as soon as possible. 

[HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OneDrive] "EnableEnterpriseUpdate"=dword:00000001 puts you in the later second ring for updates.  Setting to zero or removing puts you in first ring.


Also, this article may help you understand the process/settings.

I have checked for my MAC system at:


I have both plist files:




The first is for standalone version and the second for the store version.

Which is installed on my Mac? Which one is active?


[HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OneDrive] "EnableEnterpriseUpdate"=dword:00000001  does not exist in one drive, even we implement this we are not sure why it is not to update.



whether one drive part of windows updates

OK. I have the 18.044.0301 I can't read the latest four digit!!!

How can I use the Insiders Ring ???

 img 17.35.24.jpg

our one drive version



how we can update ? windows updates or sccm push

For MAC, how can I use the Insiders Ring ???