OneDrive stuck on "signing in"

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I'm trying to use Onedrive and Onenote, but it seems to be really terrible 50% of the time. Sometimes when I log on my pc, it says I have to log in, and in doing so, is stuck on a "signing in" loop, until it says some error code about me not having an internet connection. 
Here's what I've tried:
1. Close and open Onedrive
2. Removing auth from the pc and adding it again
3. Reinstalling Onedrive
4. Change Wi-Fi
5. Do a /reset in Windows run AND cmd
6. Update drivers
7. Install the newest Onedrive from the website
8. Try the app-version found in Windows Store

What am I supposed to do? I don't want to restart my pc every time it doesn't work, that's a terrible fix.

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Hi @maglu,

here are some additional steps that might help:

  1. Clear OneDrive cached credentials:
    Navigate to Control Panel > User Accounts > Credential Manager > Windows Credentials.
    Check for any "OneDrive" credentials and remove them.

  2. Unlink your account:
    Right-click the OneDrive icon, go to Settings > Account, select "Unlink this PC," and then "Unlink this account". Afterward, sign in again to check if the issue persists.

  3. Reset OneDrive:
    Press Win + R, type %localappdata%\\Microsoft\\OneDrive\\onedrive.exe /reset, and press Enter. This will restart OneDrive and clear the cache. Try signing in again.

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Hi Leon

1. I've already tried 3 times to remove Onedrive credentials
2. I can't unlink it, because there's isn't an account linked to it; I can't log-in!
3. I've already tried resetting it multiple times, even using CMD to do it,

Hi @maglu,

thanks for the update, I'm sorry that you are still having the issue with OneDrive.

Here are a few more things you can try:

  1. Firewall and Antivirus Settings:
    Check your firewall and antivirus settings to make sure they are not blocking OneDrive's connection. Temporarily disable them and see if the issue persists.

  2. Check Date and Time Settings:
    Make sure the date and time settings on your computer are correct.

  3. Run OneDrive Troubleshooter:
    Open Settings, go to Update & Security, then Troubleshoot. Look for and run the "Windows Store Apps" troubleshooter.

  4. Check for Windows Updates:
    Ensure your operating system is up-to-date.

  5. Uninstall OneDrive:
    Uninstall OneDrive, restart your computer.

  6. Delete the existing local OneDrive folder:
    After uninstalling OneDrive, you could try deleting the existing local OneDrive folder and then reinstall the OneDrive App.

    If none of these steps work, it might be best to reach out to Microsoft Support directly for further assistance. 

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Have you found a solution. I have the same problem and have tried all suggested solutions and nothing has worked.

Hi again.
From what I can see, I can log in to my personal account with ease. However, trying to log in to my Universities OneDrive account gives this error. I don't know why, maybe it's a security problem with Windows. I still can't find a fix, and I'm really disappointed with how janky it is.
Update: There's something wrong with Windows. 50% of the time it doesn't work properly and is what causes this bug. If Windows isn't "booted" correctly, the screencut function doesn't work, OneDrive and related apps doesn't work, and some other apps seem to not work (e.g. my drawing pad software).

Has this behaviour been seen before? I can't figure out what causes it
Same problem here since one week. no solution. tried everything. No update..... nothing. really frustrating :face_with_steam_from_nose:
The same issue here and I guess this is also related to University Office 365 account. Hope MS can have a solution for this and STOP asking the business user keep changing the password.
Im having the exact same issue with only one of my accounts, all other accounts work. Ive figured out that it does work to sign into Microsoft and force sign off all accounts, but that takes hours to finalize and its not a solution as the next time you sign in it works, but as soon as you turn off your computer again OneDrive has magically signed off and refuse to sign again and is stuck on the "please wait" or "signing in". This is clearly a windows issue as it doesnt only happen to onedrive, but all accounts related to that email. And its insane how this hasnt been fixed yet when people have reported this problem for over a year.

We are also having this issue, ran thru all the troubleshooting steps listed above, still stuck at sign-in for OneDrive and Sharepoint. 


Microsoft announced that the Service Degradation for this was resolved (SP756928), but it persists for multiple users.


Has anyone had any luck?

@Bunker900 I even reinstalled windows 11 and it kept doing it. But I did find somewhat of a solution, I have a VPN called Proton VPN (since it’s free) and if I connect to the VPN then try to log in it works. So it must be something to do with local IP addresses or some, that something Microsoft’s systems just ignores requests from that specific IP address.

For over a year now, my business OneDrive will randomly hang on 'Signing In' and like you, I've tried everything that might keep this from happening. I've never had this issue with my personal OneDrive (on the same system).

To regain access, from the task bar icon, open OneDrive settings, go to 'Account' and click 'Unlink this PC', then 'Quit OneDrive'. Reopen the OneDrive app and sign in. Follow the setup process and when it tells you the default folder already exists, click 'Use This Folder' and complete the remaining steps. It will then perform a full sync.

A while back, when I would go to sign in, I would get blocked by an initial dialog saying my account already existed, so instead of entering my actual email address, I would enter a fake email address, but with the same domain (bob2@ rather than bob@). That would get me past that dialog and to the Microsoft account screen where I could sign in using my actual email address. I haven't had to do that in a while, so maybe they got that part fixed at least.

I am having this issue with my personal OneDrive (works) and university OneDrive (is hung up on "signing in"). In the past different combinations of closing OneDrive and unlinking / relinking have worked, occasionally I've had to reinstall which is not ideal because it I have to resync my sharepoint folders and remove old ones.  Trying to follow these steps to avoid reinstalling - I unlinked my university account and closed OneDrive. When I reopen OneDrive its opening the personal account version (there's only one app listed in my apps, though when both are running I've got ta grey cloud and a blue cloud in the taskbar). I tried to add a new account in OneDrive (using my university login), pointed to the old university onedrive folder, and that works but in the next step its saying that before I can back up my folders in OneDrive (university version) I need to turn off backups for my personal account.  That seems problematic... Is there a different way to link, or to tell it I'm going to run two OneDrive accounts at once in a way that will work? @kcCodeMonkey your instructions seemed like the closest fit for my issue so hoping you have insight.  

@dro__53 I believe the issue may be related to the local folders that are being synced to each OneDrive account. Meaning, I don't think you can sync, for example, your Documents folder to your personal *and* university OneDrive accounts at the same time. I'm careful not to do that when I set things up, so I must have read that somewhere. During those times I need to re-establish my work OneDrive (because it's hung on signing-in) I always deselect Documents, Pictures, and Desktop during the setup process as those are already being backed up by my personal account. If I think of anything else, I'll chime back in.

@kcCodeMonkey thanks, this is helpful, I think you're right it was about local docs and I just sync those with my personal.  I closed the window asking to do that and I think all is set now.

We've been experimenting this with our end-user, The only fix that work was:
1:unlink this pc
2:Quit One drive.

3: Reconnect the pc

But the problem is that they lost all the stuff they have synchronised before. Anybody know if Micosoft will fix this ? 

Exact same problem here with company OneDrive on a Microsoft (!) Surface Device. Support Call from Microsoft advised to re-install OneDrive, which is just a bad joke as solution. This helps for around 1 week then the problem will appear again and as some of you already said this means to sync every SharePoint folder etc. again. Totally annoying!



My problem is very similar. After the last Windows 10 update, OneDrive keeps connecting and disconnecting. There's no point in doing anything. Uninstall, reset, erase credentials.
I've been researching and I think they even commented above. It's something with MFA or Windows.

I also often receive this error occasionally. What works for me is to wait for 5 minutes and then restart system! Microsoft have been always notorius for such annoyances from time to time. This is not the first time. If you'll look into the solution that is provided is actually force revoke type i.e it means that you should uninstall and install. This means that software's testing was really messed up.