OneDrive stuck on Creating Shareable link

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We are testing OneDrive to make sure it's a viable way for our business to share docs. While testing, we are trying to share a doc to non-Microsoft email addresses w/permissions to View Only. OneDrive then gets stuck at the point of "Creating Shareable link". 


Any insight?





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I can report having this exact same issue in June 2023. It has not been resolved. I am using a brand new install of O365, and I only have a single Microsoft account/login using a new laptop and a new OneDrive account.



Same issue.  Ability to create and share folders completely non-functional.  Links created during process do not open.  Folders says user has access but they can't get to it.  When will this get fixed?  Happening on all our accounts on personal domain with paid 0365



It's Nov 2023, and no resolution! and i have seen older posts with the same issue. Will this ever be resolved?

Happening to me today, starting with folder in OneDrive in browser, share > change link options to specific people > add email address(es) > Apply > loading indicator but action never completes.


February 4, 2024.


...And the wheels go round and round.....

@SB87X -- I was having the same problem today. I think I determined the cause....

When I pressed the Escape key a few times, I finally received an actionable message that indicates the person does not have a Microsoft Account established that is directly associated with the email address that you are trying to limit access to. So, the cursor just spins and spins! You'd think someone at Microsoft would be smart enough to set a time-out, and display possible causes.


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I noticed this result after removing one of the email addresses, waiting several minutes, then pressing the <Esc> key. I received a similar message when I tried the other individual's email address as well:

Creating Sharable Link OneDrive never completes_more useful message.jpg


Thanks for posting this. It is helpful. I have been unable to create links for non-Outlook accounts, but it works fine for outlook accounts. Will adjust my practices accordingly, perhaps do my sharing from Google Drive or iCloud. Or something.
I think the point is that all intended user(s) need to have a free "Microsoft Passport*" account associated with the email address(es) that you enter, in order to successfully create a secured folder sharable with ONLY certain individuals. It doesn't matter whether they use Outlook, GMail, etc. They need a Microsoft account. As far as I know, there is no such thing as an "Outlook account" used to grant access to other resources.

* Or whatever Microsoft is calling it these days, as they're famous for changing names of products and services on a whim.
June 2024, same problem. You wonder how a company with millions and millions can fail in something so simple as sharing a folder over internet.

Yip, same issue. Seems crazy you can't just send a link to someone. 

I tried remove the address of those mentioned as not having an account but it still failed to generate the link.