Onedrive status icon folder stuck on Sync Pending in file explorer

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Onedrive status icon folder stuck on Sync Pending in file explorer.

Tried to delete hidden temp files but icon doesn't change.


Any advice? Is this a know bug?

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I have the very same folder sync issues. I am only using the folders by myself, so there isn't any sharing issue with others.

What helped me was just changing folder names and change them back again. The key is that you need to be patient.


So what I did:

- Change the folder name for the folder with sync errors. I just added a number after the folder name.

- OneDrive will sync the folder name and the sync status will be correct again.

- Wait for a day (maybe you are able to wait less, but this is what I did).

- Change the folder name back again to the original name.

- OneDrive will sync the folder name and the sync status will be correct again.


If you change the folder name and after a minute change the folder name back again to the original name, the sync errors will occur again.


Hope this will help you (and others) too!


I had the same issue and what I had to do to resolve it is


1) Login to and go to one drive.

2) On the left select "Shared"

3) On the top of the middle frame select "Shared by You"


At this point I had a handful of files so I clicked on the 3 dots, clicked manage access and stopped sharing all of them.

The issue was resolved for me at this point once I paused and started the sync on the local OneDrive.


Hope this helps!


I'm having this problem as well, on two different computers, two different OneDrive accounts.

I've seen on other PCs also.

It's unfortunately, a pretty widespread problem, looks like to me.


Sometimes I have a bit of success disabling and renabling  "Always keep on this device" for the offending folder. Or enable and disable "Free up space."

But some of them just don't go away until I rename the folder, make a new one and drag everything into it. (Sometimes we're talking about a thousand files, so it would be nice if MS could fix this.)

I have the same problem, but none of these solutions worked. I have no shared files in the folder, no hidden files, no temporary files. Yet the folder still shows that OneDrive is syncing. I've read this might be related to Microsoft Office files (which I DO have in the folder), but I don't see anyway to fix it.

That worked for me! Thank you so much! Seems like only 1 computer out of 9 I had to migrate from Dropbox over to Onedrive gave me this sync error on some folders... I deleted the temp files as you explained. That worked but is something Microsoft needs to sort out... I can't imagine doing this for dozens or hundreds of computers at enterprise level @jaymzwood 



This issue is driving me nuts.  This is the only solution  that works.  I can't believe MS cannot solve this.




This is the only solution that works for me.  Why can't MS solve this obvious problem?

@soepah your solution works, but only if there are no sub folders that are also stuck on the sync icon. If you have sub folders, you have to change their names first, then the parent folder. And if you have a whole structure of sub folders (as I did) you're screwed. You'll be facing a mega project of renaming hundreds of folders!

@JeffVial Thanks. This fixed it for me. I had a spattering of files starting with '~' in various directories. Changed the setting to see the Protected OS files, deleted them and everything is showing as sync'ing. 

Many thanks.

@KevinVdh finally I found out the reason. There is a left behind file such as ~$DTxxxxxx hidden or os protected. So configure your folder to show hidden and protected os files. you will find it and you can delete it (usually).

@jaymzwood @KevinVdh

I confirm James solution. Deleting all the "~$" files in a folder removed the sync pending for that folder. Does MS have a tool to delete those files?

It's insane that such critical issue isn't solved even in 2021. This might cause loss of important data. Microsoft's development workflow is prehistoric if they can't spot such bugs. Also ignorance and serving dumb help tutorials which never work should be a punishable act.

Hi there,


There is a simple solution for this problem. Just follow the below steps:


  1. Open your OneDrive folder on your local machine
  2. Go to View Ribbon > Check the "Hidden items" checkboxengkaram_0-1617650389053.png
  3. Go to View Ribbon > Options > Change Folder and Search Options engkaram_1-1617650517687.png
  4. Go to View Tab and check the "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" engkaram_2-1617650670079.png
  5. Click Apply
  6. Now, you can see files that are starting with "~" (without the double quotes) that has their sync status pending. These files are normally created as a result of editing a file but the application used to edit the file did not perform proper clean up upon closure. It should be safe to delete these files; however, pay attention not to delete important file. I prefer moving them to other folder before deleting.
  7. Now, your folder should start syncing and sync should get completed.
  8. Repeat the same to all other folders.


Enjoy :cool:


First I had to disable "Hide protected operating System files" and delete all the un-synced temp files (most started with "~") per the instructions from @jaymzwood
That fixed the sync status of most of the folders, but there were still a few stragglers that had this issue--but no hidden temp files.
Then I followed @soepah method to rename those folders and wait 5-10 seconds for the icon to turn green, then rename them back. The icon would turn back to sync, but change to green again within a few seconds.

All the folders are green now--yay! And MS still hasn't fixed this bug as of April 2021--boo!

@Jon Larson I also have this issue happening to me in the last day and can not gain any solution from the above forum.

Just wondering where to go next ? Has anyone any idea ?

I have the same problem. It does not depends sync I several thousands files, or only hundred, but for some files icon has "Pending sync" status. It seems it is random, because these files are not hidden, and directories contains them does not have hidden files. Tested on a fresh Windows Server 2022 + SharePoint 2019.


I never have found a solution this, only a workaround. As others have mentioned...

  • Create a new folder
  • Move all the files to the new folder
  • Delete the one that won't sync

This usually works for me, though sometimes it takes quite a while for those folders with tons of files. Sometimes, I can't delete or rename the old folder for a few days. But I've occasionally been successful removing it in the web interface when I couldn't do it in Windows.

@aharown Thanks. I tried multiple things: doing client reset, resyncing, deleting folder and copying again etc.—it simply never work correctly. After this testing I decided not to use OneDrive, it's simply unreliable for its main task—syncing files. Because the issue not only in icons cache or something like that, but it's real wrong sync status of files. Also, I tried to install OneDrive on macOS Virtual Machine, to test there, and there after adding on-premise server it simply crashes somewhere at login stage, I checked crashlogs. It's so strange that in 2021 Microsoft still can't implement reliable software... it's not working on both main OSes.