OneDrive + Small HD + Word = DISASTER

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Cannot save or open OneDrive content that is NOT synced locally directly in Word !!!!!


I cannot save or open a Word file that is not Synced with my local machine?  Please tell me I am not seeing this properly.  I can do it on my Mac, how on earth can I not do it on a Windows PC? 


I have discovered this unfortunate aspect to the Word / OneDrive relationship on a PC because a Surface Book 2 has replaced my MacBook Pro.  I do not want to sync all OneDrive folders locally because I don't need it all offline ... or I thought I didn't need it all off line.  Therefore I configured OneDrive with the selective sync feature.  


Now, when I want to save something to a non-synced folder I can't even see it.   This has never caused a problem in my Mac because in Word on Mac I can see all OneDrive content whether it is saved locally or not, and I can also save a document to either my OneDrive content directly in the cloud, or "on my mac".  


Word only sees OneDrive content in LOCALLY SYNCED folders.   ?????? !!!!!!


I must say I am extremely disappointed that the Mac version of Word is more efficient with my OneDrive data than the PC running Windows 10.    However, I am also hopeful that I am missing something and am just an idiot.  


Could someone help me confirm please ?


Thanks, P

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Have you tried OneDrive Files On-Demand? That way you should be able to access any file in OneDrive, whether it's synced or not. For files or folders that should be available when offline, these can be selected with the 'Always keep on this device' option. 


I thought you should be able to open a file from OneDrive or SharePoint whether it's synced or not by browsing the location in Open in Word for example, adding the right location if needed and opening the document directly.


Just to add, make sure your Office is up-to-date, that means versions 1711, 1708 or 1705 depending on how updates are configured and you'll need the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to try OneDrive Files On-Demand.

You need to browse the web location not the local OneDrive folder. You can do this is you use files on demand like the previous reply. Otherwise you open the web location. You can go to OneDrive on web copy the url and paste it in explorer and mark a favorite location for it for quick access.