OneDrive slow uploading to Sharepoint 2019

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Hi there,


We are experiencing big problems when uploading files through OneDrive Client to our Sharepoint on Prem Server (2019). As far as we can tell, everything is working fine with an older OneDrive Client (e.g. 21.220.1024.0005) but as soon as we use a current one (any Ring) the upload is incredible slow. Downloads are working without an issue.


If we add a new file to the local Folder (50MB), we can see big amount of data being transferred over the network: ~350-400Mbit/s targeting the SharePoint server. The same utilization we experience on the SharePoint Server. Also the OneDrive Client shows approx. the same value: 


And if we look at the OneDrive Details it shows fast and good process and counting the MBs, but after a second or two it starts from scratch again. And this continues like that until the upload is done, which takes an hour for a file with 50MB.


Upload to SharePoint Online is working without any issues and with good speed.


I couldn't find any major changes in the OneDrive release history or something showing a problem in combination with OneDrive and Sharepoint Server. Has anyone got some tipps or any idea where so search for the mistake?


Thank you for your help!!

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Same problem. Uploading stucks at 7 mb
Did you find a solution? For me only a downgrade to a 21.x Version works - which is not practical in our environment.