Onedrive Silent Configuration Expectation and Troubleshooting

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I'm using OneDrive for Business and the Sync app (latest and on production ring) on Windows 10 22H2 Enterprise machines. They are all HAADJ (Hybird AzureAD Joined). As part of our Pilot group users have been giving us feedback on their experience and one thing that has come up accross the board is the following:

  • On first launch the suers must supply their e-mail address/password and MFA

Since the system is hybird joined we though that silent configuration would eb possible so we configured the requirted group polices as per this guide. However, new users that have this policy applied to thier machines still report the same experience.


  1. So this raises several questions:
    What is the expected experience with Onedrive silent configuration? If MFA is enabled is it just an MFA prompt?
  2. Is this supported on HAADJ machines (documents stet it is)?
  3. How to torubelshoot this?
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