OneDrive Silent Config with existing Folders in OneDrive & Folder Re-Direction

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We have Folder Redirection enabled for Documents and a few of the other normal user profile folders and when you have this combined with Silent Config on a computer I've noticed an issue.  When a user with existing folders in OneDrive logs onto a PC for the first time with Folder Redirection and Silent Config enabled (both thru GP) OneDrive once it Silently Configures will get a red X over the OneDrive icon and the error will be that the user needs to finish setting up the folders to sync.  The fix appears to exit the OneDrive client, restart it, click settings and then choose the folders to sync.  After that it works as expected.


You think you can have it changed to look for existing folders on first start and then prompt the user to choose the folders to sync?


Verified this happens on Win 10 1703, I think it happens on 1709 also, but I'm too lazy to set up a VM to test.



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