OneDrive show different name in recent files

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Hello Guys,
We have this weird problem with one of our users. As shown in the image below, that is not the name of the user. every time he saves a file it always appears that way.


but there is no problem with the onedrive online. All files there are named in the actual user. 
and we already tried to repair uninstall/install the MS Office and check the AD properties.

hope you help on this Guys TIA!




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Have you checked the User Profile Service Application at https://[TenantName]
Not yet, will going to check this one and let you know what happen.
Hello Arguello,
As per checking, there's nothing wrong with the user profile on the Profile Manager.



I am now experiencing the same issue here. the file suppose to open as Mark B as we are signed in as Mark B, but when I transfer some file to his Onedrive, the file does not open , its like it keeps trying to open from my Onedrive instead of opening from Mark B Onedrive.